I get downright giddy when I see something that I strongly believe in manifest in real life. I never want to wish ill will on someone, but what I witnessed this week reminded me, yet again, of the importance of our emotional energy.

Up until about 2006 I lived a very low energy life. I don’t mean I was tired all the time. I mean the feelings I carried around with me were low energy in nature. I felt heartbroken all the time. I felt not good enough, hard done by, like a martyr and a number of other low vibrational feelings. Low energy was my default setting.

That doesn’t mean I didn’t believe I was a good person. I thought I was nice and kind and generous, but I felt heavy, buried underneath the weight of generations of emotional baggage.  My feelings didn’t come out of nowhere either.  People did hurt me, so I did feel heartbroken, I was hard done by, because I was not being treated fairly and I felt like a martyr, because I was always the one to go without, so other people could have.

When you walk around with this kind of energy, you draw more situations and circumstances to you that are at the same energy level that you are. This is nothing new, but the more I have become aware of it, the more I see it in my life and in the lives of others.

This week, a woman I work with, came running into my office, “Someone banged into my car,” she said, her anger palpable. “I was parked in the parking lot and they just took off. Nobody saw anything.”

Certainly this incident could happen to anybody and it alone doesn’t add up to much, but when you look closely at the individual and all of the things that have happened to her in just this past year, you can’t help but notice something pretty incredible.

I’ve written about this woman before, most recently in my blog entitled the Power of Indifference. She is always negative, mean and nasty. Her coworkers have tried to use white sage and smokey crystals to combat the negative energy that spews forth from her. She has, without a doubt, had a very difficult life. She has every reason to feel the way she does, but the point I’m trying to make here is that we all have reasons to feel negatively – but the consequences of doing so mean that you will just bring forth more negativity.

To exemplify my point, here is a list of things that have happened to her in the past year:

  • Someone broke into her house while she was sleeping and stole her lap top, tablet, phone, purse and car
  • Her husband totaled a car she is still paying for
  • She flew to England to visit her brother and his wife, they wouldn’t let her stay with them and she barely saw them
  • Her car, before this one, got hit by a bus in the same parking lot (keep in mind no one else out of 20 staff members have had problems in the parking lot)
  • Her husband of 35 years barely speaks to her – it’s safe to say they hate each other – on Thanksgiving he walked into the kitchen where she sat with her daughter and her daughter’s in-laws and her husband walked in humiliated her in front of everyone by slinging a bunch of curse words at her

This poor woman lives paycheck to paycheck and is barely getting by, so each of these losses are pretty catastrophic. When you are in the same room with her it’s impossible not to pick up on her anger and frustration energy – which she carries with her every single day. This energy brings to her, events and circumstances that match the same frequency of exactly where she is vibrationally.

We have all tried to help and counsel her at different times, but unfortunately, she is one of those people that resents the fact that you don’t think she already knows that and she does not appear to be open to introspection or growth of any kind, so suffice it to say, all our words are a wasted effort.

On the flip side, our big boss is the complete opposite. Another boss joked that all the lights turn green in his world. His wife keeps getting more attractive as she ages, he makes more money than he knows what to do with, he has a great social life and his oldest child is now getting 100% on her exams in University. The most important quality I’ve noticed in him is that he finds humor in everything. He takes offense to nothing and laughs at everything.

You may argue that, I don’t know what’s going on in my boss’s life, but here’s the kicker. Since I’ve become a higher energy person, he and his wife have become close friends, so I see on a daily basis, how their attitude affects their everyday life.

The reason this is important is, because, as Wayne Dyer has said, “You don’t attract what you want, you attract what you are.” If you are stuck feeling low energy feelings, you are going to attract low energy people and low energy events.

Hopefully, this is added motivation for those of you still heavily invested in your Narcissistic relationships. When I finally understood that the longer I stayed in a haze and kept ignoring reality and being in pain, the longer I was going to keep attracting the same events over and over.  When I kept seeing proof of it happening in my life, I made a mad sprint to get rid of the people in my life that brought about those feelings in me. Getting rid of people was the easy part. Changing my own thinking and feelings was harder.  It’s all about awareness and practice.

Pay attention to what you’re feeling all the time. If you’re just out of a Narcissistic relationship, feeling good is going to take some time and you have to be patient with yourself. You’re going to feel raw for a while, but it doesn’t mean that you don’t actively try to feel better and you do that by practice.

And by practice I mean creating the feelings inside of you that you want to feel and spend time feeling them. Know what high energy feelings feel like, practice feeling them. The best way to do that is by spending a few minutes in guided meditation. I have loaded a short video on Youtube that you’ll see at the bottom of this page. It’s a practice I do every day. I bring myself to the good feeling place and I feel amazing afterward and I carry it with me throughout my day. I do it in my car. I do it before bed. I do it whenever I notice my feelings aren’t positive and aren’t making me feel good. Everybody’s got 5 minutes – not only does it feel great – it raises your energy level so that you become attracted to higher energy events and circumstances.  Who doesn’t want that? Give it a try you won’t do anything more important today for your wellbeing.

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