Spirituality is the foundation for change. An awareness of who you really are is the building blocks of creating a better life, because when you understand who you truly are, you will be powerful, not powerless, indestructible not combustible. You will never again see yourself as a victim, but as someone who willingly accepts life’s lessons. You will have balance, harmony and a deep sense of inner peace.

Spiritual people have more confidence. They are more steadfast in their decisions and they have come to trust their instincts and know they are guided by unforeseen forces. They have a multi-faceted perspective on everyday problems and obstacles and an understanding that everything is unfolding exactly as it should.

So who am I really?

Who are you? You are a divine eternal spirit, made by and of the creative source. You are an immense energy being capable of all things.

You have no limits, no boundaries. You are powerful and you can have, be and achieve anything that you desire.

“I said, You are gods, sons of the Most High, all of you” Psalm 82

Jesus answered them, Is it not written in your law, I said, Ye are gods? John 10:34

We forget this because we get so caught up in our own heads. We get distracted by our everyday problems. They become so overwhelming that we feel hopeless and powerless.

Our spirits long for freedom and happiness. It knows that nothing is impossible. Its essence is peace, joy and love. So when we engage in self-defeating behaviors and allow others to treat us disrespectfully, we are denying who we are. Our spirit doesn’t comprehend sorrow, hatred and anger, this is why, when we are in this place, we feel separateness, loneliness and fear.

When we experience a crisis or a painful experience this is God’s wake up call. We are being reminded that we are on the wrong path, doing the wrong things or with the wrong person. Pain comes to us as a result of not following the signs put along our path.

“God gives us the carrot method or the stick method. If you miss the carrots you get the stick.” Pema Chodron

Those inner urges and voices are signs, the things we hear others say that stand out to us – are signs. Messages of all sorts, that seem to come out of nowhere, are all signs. Listen.

A new perspective on pain

What if, as Michael Newton suggests, in Journey of Souls, that we choose our life before we come into the physical realm? What if we chose our parents, our friends, our partners and even the obstacles we will face?

What if our spirits had prearranged painful events that would occur in the physical realm? What if we had a pre-existing agreement with the people in our lives that hurt us the most – that the suffering that they would cause us, would wake us up -cause us to change and re-establish our connection to source energy and remind us of who we really are?

If this were the case, we wouldn’t be able to look at our antagonists the same way. The labels of victim and villain would have no meaning? There would be a purpose to all the anguish we’ve been suffering and you would have to replace all of your anger and blame with gratitude. If you’ve ever prayed –why me? Why all this suffering- and thought your prayers went unanswered, isn’t this the answer?  Your pain was on purpose – to wake you up and to remind you of you that you are off course.


In his bestselling book Many Lives Many Masters, prominent Jewish Psychiatrist Brian L. Weiss, describes an encounter that changed his life forever. He discusses a young patient that was suffering from severe anxiety. He tried many different approaches to treating her, but none were successful. He decided to try regression hypnosis to see where, in her childhood, this anxiety first began. When he regressed her, she went much, much further back than he could have ever imagined. She went back into many different lives.

He describes how this young woman was uneducated, had no preconceived spiritual beliefs, or conscious knowledge of the things she was describing, but was able to discuss ancient cities, cultural beliefs, dress and events that she had no fore knowledge of. The book is entirely based on his session notes.

There are many other books and documentaries on people who have an existing knowledge of another life they had once lived. Reincarnation is a difficult concept to wrap your head around, especially when most have been raised with differing religious beliefs. It is becoming widely accepted and talked about in main stream spiritual teachings.  It’s a fascinating possibility and raises some interesting questions.

If our spirits do in fact reincarnate, do we, as Newton proposes, go from one life to the next facing the same issues and the same obstacles until we learn the lessons they were meant to teach us?

Human beings have the ability to learn and to grow from trial and error. The fact that so many of us keep making the same mistakes over and over again seems to suggest that many just aren’t getting the message or learning the lesson.

I don’t know about you, but if there is anything to this reincarnation business, I certainly don’t want to experience another life filled with the same painful issues I dealt with in this one.

This concept should have us asking ourselves upon every painful situation -what should I be learning from this? How can this experience make me better, so that I do not repeat the same mistake again – in this life or any other?

“For those that don’t believe no words will do, for those that know, no words are necessary.” Wayne Dyer

My journey from pain to self-actualization is very long and filled with the most incredible affirming experiences.  When I look at my life backwards I realize that I could never have gotten to where I am now without having experienced all of my suffering.  It was my wake-up call and I can honestly say that I am grateful for having gone through it all.

Now that I am awake I always look at the big picture and I’m constantly asking myself, what is the lesson here? I don’t delve into the depths of despair if someone doesn’t want to be with me. People don’t need to satisfy my conditions before I can care about them. If a relationship doesn’t work out I simply say this wasn’t meant for me.

Because I know who I am I don’t allow anyone to mistreat me. I have no interest in anything that is unhealthy or dysfunctional.  It just doesn’t appeal to me. I don’t need anyone to validate me or to show me who I am. I already know.

I don’t get upset or freak out if things don’t go my way. I understand that the right things will come at the right time and I just go with it.

I seek peace, balance and harmony in all things.

When you are awake you will know that you are not alone and that God is always speaking to you, guiding you, but you must learn that it’s your job to listen. Let go of your need to possess people and things and trust that things will work out as they should.

Now that you know who you truly are, isn’t it time to put aside the scared, lonely little girl and embraced the powerful, magnificent spirit you were created to be?


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