Wallet … check. Car keys … check. Cell phone … check. These items are just a few of the essentials that you make certain you have on your person before tackling the day. Your iPhone stores your entire life and helps you choose the nearest and nicest restaurants to boot — how lost would you be without your phone? How can you bare to live without it, every second of the day?

When it comes to dating, however, there are some rules of etiquette to consider while you’re courting your partner. Think for a second, you don’t want a potential love interest getting the wrong impression because you’re paying more attention to your phone. Have you ever been in the throes of a conversation, only to be interrupted by a ringtone and then a series of text messages that lasts for five minutes? If not, then count yourself lucky. Might as well face it: we’re not only addicted to love, but we’re wacko for our precious phones, too.

Phone Etiquette Do’s and Don’t’s

But no one’s saying you should ignore your cell. Living in the digital age, there are plenty of ways to use it to add a little charm and romance to an otherwise bland date. Technology is meant to help us after all, and why shouldn’t it help with dating, then? But you’ve got to understand when you’re using a phone to your advantage and when you’re abusing your cell at the expense of your date. Otherwise, you might start alienating yet another catch.

There are no hard-and-fast rules here, as a phone can just as easily save a bad date as ruin a good one. However, the following guidelines should help you navigate the tricky territory of dating in modern times:

  • Don’t accept calls during your date. That’s just rude. In fact, you should consider turning your phone
  • off altogether. Nothing interrupts a great date more abruptly than a silly ringtone announcing your
  • popularity to everyone.
  • Do keep your phone handy in case you’re feeling uncomfortable, or fear your safety may be in jeopardy.
  • Don’t text during your date. Texting can seem even ruder than answering a phone call. Think about the
  • message you’re sending your date, “I’d much rather talk to this person who sent me some random note
  • than to you.” Not exactly romancing them with your subtle charm or witty anecdotes, now are you? And
  • after you’ve ignored them once so early on, fat chance of getting them interested again. Use a little will
  • power here, people.
  • Do text your date for fun during your time together. Texting isn’t off-limits. Truth is that texting can be fun, too. Why not send a flirty text to your date as they wait for your drinks at the bar? Or you can always settle a playful argument by texting ChaCha  or Google. If you’re lucky, you could win the wager and have them come to your place for coffee or a drink.
  • Don’t alienate your date by paying more attention to your phone. Your iPhone may manage your life
  • and make your world that much easier, but you’re not looking for a relationship with your cell. Try not to even set yours on the table. Three’s a crowd, so make your choice: your date or your phone?
  • Do try to incorporate technology into your date. Who said you can’t find a good sushi place on the west side or if that movie you were thinking of seeing is sold out? With all the applications out nowadays, you can make sure your date progresses smoothly from the restaurant, to the bar and back to your place, without all the hiccups. Remember a smooth date is a good date.
  • Don’t update Twitter about the date. Even if it’s going well, your followers can wait. Your date, however, can’t. Plus, if you’re so plugged in that you need to keep everyone updated about your every move, then you might need to check yourself into rehab and kick the habit. A first or second date is definitely no time to flaunt your geeky technology or social network addictions.
  • Do talk about your networks. Almost everyone, even the baby boomers, have a Facebook account. Some even have Twitter, SnapChat, Blerp, or Digg. There’s nothing wrong with talking about your online social spheres — if anything, it’ll give you another way to connect later.

Hobbies are healthy. Obsessions aren’t.

Your phone is an integral piece of technology and convenience that largely defines how you interact with the world. However, never lose sight of the fact that you’re actually on a date, and that playing with your phone is not only rude, but unattractive, too. A healthy balance between human interaction and cell phone shenanigans can definitely help a romance blossom — the trick is to remember your priorities – date first, phone later.


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